After consistently being disappointed with the costs, performance and support offered by ISPs we decided to form our own hosting company. Which gave birth to our sister company,

Toasting offers fast, reliable and professional web site hosting at very competitive prices for small to medium size web sites. We differ from many other hosting companies as our support is swift and personal.

The hosting includes the following features –

  • Best-of-breed security to mitigate against DDoS and other attacks
  • World-leading architecture powers the busiest sites
  • Super-fast but intelligent CDN-ready caching
  • Partitioned users means no insecure assets
  • Ultra-secure encrypted file-transfer
  • WordPress expert and responsive support
  • 100% UK-based. Not a subsidiary of a global giant. Data stays in the UK
  • UAT/staging site included to test your deployments, with on-demand syncing

All hosting related issues would be handled by me directly and responded to within an hour. If for any reason you could not contact me a support email address would be provided so you can contact hosting technical support who respond quickly usually within a couple of hours.


Toasting also provides very reasonable priced domain names and a wide range of extensions.